The Best 4-Week Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The risk of diabetes, cancer and heart diseases are always at us if we have to our lifestyle and improper food habits. For this you need to have an Indian diet plan which can reverse the is the four week Lacto vegetarian diet by which you can improve your health and also it will help you in losing the weight. the most important thing about this diet is that it is Ayurvedic and is totally Indian. It is believed that a plant-based diet is very good for reducing obesity e type problems. Our Indian cuisine contains varieties of flavours. The rise of obese people in India made this diet, It will help people of all ages. India is the diet you will have milk products which will help you to increase the good bacteria that will give strength to your bones. In fact, many top rated health programs like Metabolic Renewal are based on similar diet plans only.

The diet will be low in calories and it will be and 1500 calories diet. It is not working is that you will have to eat tasteless food. Diet contains many delicious foods which will help will be good if you consume fewer calories because it will help you in losing your weight. Ayurveda is one of the best treatments in the world that are now been accepted by many countries. It helps you to have a good balance between your spirit, heart and mind. You will remain calm with this diet and your diet will be diabetes-friendly and also it will boost your metabolism. Foreigner weight Portion of the most effective is portion control because in this way you can measure food intake by knowing your calories consumed per day.

Diet plan

Week 1

  • Start your day with fenugreek seeds of 2 teaspoons.
  • After that, you need to have sambhar and 2 idlis with coconut chutney, green tea and 4 almond for your breakfast.
  • At 10:00 a.m. you can have a fruit of your choice.
  • In lunch take vegetable curry, dal, white rice, 2 roti, salad and 1 cup buttermilk.
  • In the post-lunch, you can have moong dal sprouts 1 cup, 15 peanuts or you can have one cup cucumber and carrot slices.
  • For dinner take 2 rotis, vegetable curry, low-fat curd, salad and one cup skim turmeric milk before going to bed.

After the end of the first week, you will get a healthy eating habit and you will lose your water weight and will feel light.

Week 2

  • In the early morning please have fenugreek soaked water 1 cup or you can have chia seeds soaked in water.
  • In breakfast have a cup of green tea for almond and moong dal creeps.
  • After that in the mid-morning, you can have any seasonal fruit.
  • Then in lunch take one cup of vegetable curry with 2 roti or rice. Take lentil Curry of half cup with salad and low-fat curd.
  • In the post, lunch has coconut water with half-cut watermelon or grapes.
  • After that dinner has half-cup mushroom curry with two rotis and a half cup of broccoli. One cup of warm milk before going to bed.

After the end of 2 weeks, you will start burning your fat and feel better indigestion and low immunity problems.

Week 3

  • In the morning please have a cup of water with lime juice.
  • Then in breakfast have one cup of vegetable oats with green tea and 4 almonds.
  • Then in the mid-morning, you can have fruit juice.
  • In lunch, you can have half cup white rice with roti and rajma curry, salad and buttermilk.
  • In the post-lunch, you can have any fruit of your choice.
  • Then in the dinner, you can have half cup dal, 2 rotis, vegetable stew, salad, 1 dark chocolate, 1 cup warm milk before going to bed.

After the end of the 3rd week, you will find your weight less than 5 pounds. Your mood will be good and you will get motivated to complete your 4-week plan.

Week 4

  • Please start your day with 1 cup water with lime juice.
  • Then in the breakfast have one cup of milk or green tea with vegetable upma and 2 almonds.
  • In the mid-morning, you can have any seasonal fruit.
  • In the lunch please one cup vegetable curry fruit beans, salad and half cup low-fat curd.
  • Then in the post-lunch have coconut water with fruit juice.
  • In the dinner have one roti, then one cup mushroom or one cup Dal. Boiled vegetable half cup and warm milk before going to bed.

After the end of 4th week, you will see the result yourself. You will look very fine and slimmer you will be active and you will also be proud of yourself.