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Commercialization-Friendly Innovation/R&D Model for Superior Exploitation of Nanotechnologies
Volume 5, Issue 4

Robert P. Bennett, Technesium TC,

The bulk of nanotechnology commercialization opportunities that come about through customary innovation and R&D approaches metaphorically represent just the visible tip of an iceberg. A decidedly larger body of invisible, and perhaps, totally unknown, commercialization prospects awaits exposure. Purveyors of nanotech can bring to light and tap into these prospects by taking up a fresh innovation paradigm specifically attuned to the unique aspects of nanotechnologies and nano-innovations. The Commercialization-Friendly Innovation/R&D Model presents a better, faster, and less costly means for creating and sustaining formidable competitive advantage. Robert P. Bennett describes the six core elements of “CFIM”: (1) technology intelligence; (2) experiential marketing; (3) participation-style R&D; (4) bi-directional knowledge transference; (5) non-traditional accounting, financial, and decision-making tools; and (6) flatter, reconfigured organizational hierarchy.

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