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Nanosphere, Inc.: An Evaluation and Projection
Volume 6, Issue 1

Alan B. Shalleck, NanoClarity, LLC

Nanosphere, Inc. is a pioneering bionanotechnology company. It is one of the first purely nanotechnology companies that has developed and sold a commercial product and conducted an initial public offering in the United States. Despite its unique commercial promise and a relatively high IPO stock price, Nanosphere has operationally encountered the usual difficulties inherent in the commercialization of radically new medical device technologies. These difficulties raise issues of timing and uncertainty in FDA approvals that affect projections of positive cash flow and profits. In this article, Mr. Shalleck provides background on Nanosphere’s technology and analyzes its recent public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He concludes by questioning whether Nanosphere long term would be best served by becoming a target for a merger or acquisition or by partnering with a larger health care product company.

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