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Why Invest in Nanotechnology? Harris & Harris Group, Inc.'s Thesis
Volume 6, Issue 1

Daniel B. Wolfe, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
Misti Ushio, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
Alexei A. Andreev, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
Michael A. Janse, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
Douglas W. Jamison, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.

Harris & Harris Group, Inc. believes that the study and development of nanotechnology will improve product capabilities and manufacturing productivity. This process has already begun. In 2007, nanotechnology-enabled product sales amounted to $147 billion and it is estimated that by 2015, that number will increase to $3.1 trillion. Nanotechnology is a set of tools that is applicable to a broad set of industries. Hence, the market opportunity for nanotechnology-enabled solutions is large, diverse and growing. Nanotechnology improves product capabilities and manufacturing productivity because it permits the user to: 1) study and manipulate matter on the nanoscale, 2) harness properties derived from nanoscale phenomena, 3) manufacture products through additive techniques, and 4) design and optimize biological pathways using nanoscale approaches. Currently, Harris & Harris Group has a portfolio of 33 companies that are developing nanotechnology enabled products to address each of these core attributes. This article discusses the basis for Harris & Harris Group’s thesis that nanotechnology will improve product capabilities and manufacturing productivity that will result in economic advantages for companies producing and integrating nanotechnology-enabled goods.

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