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International IP and Regulatory Issues Involved in CNT Commercialization: Two Case Studies
Volume 6, Issue 2

Luca Escoffier, Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute

In this article, Luca Escoffier provides examples of international IP and regulatory issues involved in commercializing carbon nanotubes through two case studies. The first case study provides an insightful comparison between the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office as to the prosecution of the same technology in the field of carbon nanotubes. The prosecution history of a particular patent application reveals how a patentee can obtain patent protection in one jurisdiction while encountering difficulties in another jurisdiction. In the second case study, the author offers a reasoned opinion on a recent license agreement that could impact the commercialization of carbon nanotubes. Suggestions are made about the scope of thelicense on the basis of patent data, and some regulatory comments are given with regard to commercialization of carbon nanotubes.

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