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Book Review of Nanotechnology Applications for Clean Water
Volume 6, Issue 2

Amber Hottes, Nanotechnology Law & Business

Nanotechnology Applications for Clean Water provides “a comprehensive overview of the current state-of-the-art of clean water technologies in the United States.” The book contains chapters written by scientists with practical experience in academic and governmental research settings. Each specialist focuses on what they know best, resulting in an overlapping “overview of all t he major parts of the field.”

The book is divided into six parts: Drinking Water; Treatment and Reuse; Remediation; Sensors; Societal Issues; and Outlook. The first three parts contain overlapping subject matter. Parts 1 and 2 emphasize technologies for potable water, while Part 3 centers on remediation at the ecosystem level. Part 4 discusses methods which use nanomaterials to sense impurities in water. Part 5 explores the connection between the creation and the successful implementation of a technology, as well as the extent to which problems can and cannot be solved by technology. Part 6 concludes the book with a chapter by the editors highlighting current research, and anticipating even more impressive applications in the future arising from the convergence of nanotechnology with other fields.

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