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Adopting EcoInnovation in Danish Polymer Industry Working with Nanotechnology: Drivers, Barriers and Future Strategies
Volume 6, Issue 3

Henrik Vejen Kristensen, Danish Technological Institute
Kasper Funch Vinding, Roskilde University
Khara Deanne Grieger, Technical University of Denmark
Steffen Foss Hansen, Technical University of Denmark

The authors investigated possibilities for nanotechnological eco-innovation in the Danish polymer industry. Through interviews with employees of two companies and stakeholders engaged in regulation and research and development, the authors found drivers of eco-innovation to be material applications, public funding and market opportunities. They also identified barriers to eco-innovation including the lack of industrial and regulatory competencies and standards as well as limited coordination between agencies and councils responsible for allocating R&D funds. Furthermore, capability building and coordination of efforts among stakeholders are needed for the successful development of eco-innovation using nanomaterials. The authors suggest using the dynamics between regulation, R&D, and industry to promote eco-innovation.

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