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Literature Review - Nanotech Safety: Professor Laska’s Guide to Literature and Resources
Volume 8, Issue 1

Lewis Laska

Long overdue, this is a bibliographical essay of sources of reliable information relating to the safety of nanotechnology. The human aspects of nanotech safety will ultimately be decided by the public, not by science. Amid the sometimes conflicting swirl of public perception and scientific certainty, lawyers, laymen, and non-scientists alike must have at their fingertips credible information. Only then can they help move the public discussion forward meaningfully, based on the most solid facts available at the time. Readers will enjoy this thoughtful, unbiased, and refreshingly candid discussion of online databases, published reports, and reliable sources expressing concern for nanotechnology safety. The author also points out “must-reads,” and finishes with a discussion of personal protective equipment for workplace safety, carbon nanotube hazards, and scientific scare literature.

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