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Tekmira Pharmaceuticals v. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals: A Classic Case of “Tekmira Said, Alnylam Said”
Volume 8, Issue 2

Todd G. Vare

The partnership and collaboration between Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in the development of siRNA delivery technology has recently come apart at the seams, resulting in what appears to be a highly acrimonious lawsuit. The litigation, now pending in a Massachusetts state court, includes accusations by both parties of breaches of contract and theft of each other’s trade secrets. The allegations seem more hostile than most business disputes, and appear more like a bitter, emotional divorce proceeding. It is anyone’s guess as to where this litigation will go, but it is certain that the lawsuit (although perhaps viewed as necessary by both parties) will divert important resources and potentially drive off investors from continuing to develop siRNA delivery technology.

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