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The Legal Problems of Nanotechnology Environmental Safety Provision in the Russian Federation: The Foreign Country’s Experience
Volume 8, Issue 3

Ekaterina A. Belokrylova

Questions of guaranteeing safety on nano products and nano materials have been a wide object of discussion in the international, European, and national levels of countries. In the Russian Feder-ation, there is an urgent challenge in developing the aspects of political, legal, supervisory, social, and economic spheres connected to nano activities. A number of international documents have noted a lack of legal regulation in the sphere of nanotechnologies in the Russian Federation. One of the most universal methods of addressing the problem might be applying a comparative legal method for developing legislation in the nano industry in the Russian Federation. This would foster a helpful regulating of stakeholder relationships and formulate a full theoretical legal concept of nanotechnology’s safety in the Russian Federation, based upon the recommendations from the inter-national and European consortiums. It will allow creating the united state politics in that field, the realization of which will become a certain protector of the simultaneous development of scientific technical progress and environmental rights defense and legal interest of citizens.

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