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Evaluating Investment in Iranian Nanotechnology Scholarly and Scientific Articles
Volume 8, Issue 4

Ali Ghanbari, Mohammad Ebrahim Ardalani and Moslem Ghojavand

Iran, for its economic security, has invested in nanotechnology. This investment is two-pronged: scientific research and production nanotech ideas. The result of financial support of scientific research is writing articles and if possible, obtaining a patent. Industrial production of nanotechnology developments could help influence the country’s stable economic growth. After discussing the most significant issues in nanoeconomics growth, the present paper studies the governmental financial support as well as its influence on quality and quantity of nanotechnology scientific papers in Iran. The presented data are based upon analysis of 1834 ISI papers during 100 monthly periods from 2002-2010. From this data, we have carried out interpolation and analysis of relations in two regression patterns. Results yielded from the model after applying different tests indicate that: 1) financial support in previous periods is the factor on which the quantity of Iranian papers has highest dependence, while 2) during the period under study the quality of nanotechnology scientific papers was not influenced by any specific variable, financial or otherwise.

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