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Book Review of Nanotechnology Commercialization for Managers and Scientists
Volume 9, Issue 2

Mario Ganau

Many are the reasons why nanotechnology differs from any other field of technology when it comes to strategic businesses: this new scientific sector presents a unique cross-industry structure, is the first in a century in which the basic ideas are being patented at the outset, and in which at least in the last two decades those patents have been mainly issued to universities. Tools are therefore needed to better understand the rules of the game and profit from commercialization of new discoveries through intellectual property (IP) rights. Published at the beginning of this spring and edited by two authors with an outstanding experience in the interaction of patent law and advanced technologies in both the North American and the European scenarios, the book entitled Nanotechnology Commercialization for Managers and Scientists holds the promise to introduce any reader to successful patenting and exploitation of nanotechnology discoveries. Subdivided into 15 chapters written by top contributors coming from academic and industrial sectors, the book introduces the reader to the wide field of nanotechnology, and explores with a practical approach the themes of intellectual property rights, licensing issues and regulation of nanomaterials in both the United States and European Union markets.

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