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Information Practices and Needs of the Nanomanufacturing Community
Volume 9, Issue 3

Jessica Adamick and Jeffrey Morse

The National Nanomanufacturing Network recently conducted an informal survey of nanotechnology professionals in an effort to understand how people inform themselves about advances in nanomanufacturing and to determine the most valued information content and formats. Findings indicate that nanomanufacturing professionals from industry and academia, as well as contractors and consultants, seek practical, reliable, and technical information on the implementation of nanomanufacturing processes. There was also a strong interest in commercialization topics. An undercurrent of skepticism was demonstrated throughout the responses to questions on nanomanufacturing content and resources. This may result in a dependence on scholarly material that may not address the need for more implementation-oriented information for use in the manu-facturing setting. This article will provide an overview of the Nanomanufacturing Information Survey and the need for providing relevant and timely information to the nanomanufacturing community.

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