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Assessing Shifts in U.S. Capital Markets on the Venture Capital Business, Innovation and Nanotechnology
Volume 10, Issue 1

Stephen Waite and Douglas Jamison

The past decade has seen significant changes in U.S. capital market activity during a time of accelerating commercialization of nanotechnology. The shifting capital market landscape has coincided with a host of new regulations that rivals what was witnessed during the 1930s. During this period we have seen a dramatic decline in the number of initial public offerings – particularly small-company IPOs – and a sharp decrease in the number of venture capital firms. We highlight important changes witnessed in U.S. capital market activity over the past decade and examine the changing dynamics of the U.S. venture capital business. We also assess the impact of shifts in U.S. capital markets and venture capital on innovation and nanotechnology. Despite headwinds that may persist in U.S. capital markets and the venture business, we see the potential for nanotechnology to become a key driver of innovation in the years ahead.

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