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Nanotechnology and Governance in Bangladesh
Volume 10, Issue 2

M. L. Palash and Md. Zahirul Hoque Mozumder

The rapid growth of nanotechnology poses significant environmental and public health challenges for governments. The risks created by nanomaterials are of a unique nature due of their size and reactivity. Nanotechnology developments impact many areas, including medicine, agriculture, food, clothing and cosmetics. Bangladesh does not currently have a nanotechnology industry, but, because the country imports medicine, cosmetics, and other goods, nanotechnology based inventions impact Bangladeshi citizens. As such, the government must evaluate its existing legal framework to address nanotechnology related concerns. This paper reviews existing Bangladeshi laws and evaluates their compatibility with nano-products. Currently, none the existing laws and policies adequately address concerns related to nanotechnology based products. The authors recommend that the Bangladesh government either evaluate the existing framework or develop a fresh approach to address concerns with nano-products. While nanotechnology will certainly improve the quality of life, a tailored regulatory approach is required to balance the benefits of such developments with their potential risks.

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