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The Patent Landscape of siRNA Nanoparticle Delivery
Volume 11, Issue 1

Robert W. Esmond and Alex Kwan-Ho Chung

Alnylam has rights to the fundamental patents claiming siRNA and may be the first to obtain FDA marketing approval. It is not clear at this time whether Alnylam’s patents will block other companies from marketing their siRNA therapeutics as they may expire before other siRNA therapeutics receive FDA approval. There have been a large number of patent filings claiming various aspects of nanoparticle delivery of siRNA. None of these patents will block the entire field of siRNA delivery. Companies will likely be able to develop and commercialize their own siRNA drugs with 3’ overhangs without fear of third-party patents, so long as marketing occurs after 2021. In addition, companies developing blunt ended siRNA drugs can market at any time with a non-exclusive license to the Carnegie patents.

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