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CNTs, Nano-TiO2, and Nanosilver: Assessing Risk and Investing in Safety
Volume 11, Issue 2

Catherine Morris Krow

As the number of nanoenabled products continues to multiply, so do questions about the impact these materials may have on human health and the environment. In this regard, three nanomaterials in particular have become the subject of increasing scrutiny: (1) carbon nanotubes (CNTs): (2) nanoscale titanium dioxide (TiO2); and (3) nanosilver. Concerns about health effects for CNTs and nano-TiO2 have spurred the National Institute of Occupational Health to issue recommended exposure limits for these nanomaterials that are substantially lower than their conventional counterparts. Nevertheless, regulatory oversight of these nanomaterials continues to lag far behind commercialization. Managing the undefined, unquantifiable regarding these high-profile nanomaterials requires careful due diligence; progressive health and safety initiatives; product stewardship; and the foresight to properly document this work. In this article, Catherine Morris Krow describes the current state of the art regarding CNTs, nanosilver and TiO2, and describes litigation scenarios and risk management approaches.

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