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An Analysis of Russia’s Patent Activity in the Carbon Nanostructures
Volume 12, Issue 1

Alexander I. Terekhov

Started in the mid-1980s the carbon nano-race has become one of the most important episodes in the development of nanotechnology globally. Many countries are aiming to take leading positions and reap the potential economic benefits from commercializing the carbon-based nanotechnologies. This pushes the research and development, and accordingly, the growth of the scientific and patent literature. Patents focus on applied research, therefore patent analysis allows us to better understand innovation paths from scientific knowledge to application to commercialization. Carbon nanostructures are one of the main components of the Russian nanotechnology program. Using patent analysis, this article aims to: measure the level and dynamics of inventive activity of Russia in the field; determine a structure of patent owners with identification of the most active representatives of small and medium business; and describe a patent landscape and some technological developments ripe for commercialization.

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