Why Sports Is Equally Important For Girls

There are so many sports choices for women like yoga, jogging, gymnastics, and cardio, Some sports are not meant for women, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to work out. An exercise provides benefits for women, especially to increase your beauty.

If you often feel pessimistic about circumstances, stress about pressure, and experience depression, maybe this is a time to get out of bed, get your shoes on, and go to the sports area. Thirty minutes of exercise can be stimulating your happy hormones. Exercise has also been shown to build memory and improve brain function and help you work more productively.

Relieve stress

Stress causes various diseases on your mind and body, especially if you never do any treatment. Stress is directly related to multiple body functions. A person who experiences stress tends to feel intense pressure and gets sick quickly, whether mentally or physically, and even increases the risk of developing degenerative diseases. An exercise is a form of physical “stress” for the body. The simple thing is, as we get used to doing routine sports, our bodies learn to adapt all these things and get used to dealing with physical “stress” well. With this adaptation, the body can easily withstand other stresses.

The result of any research explains that exercise (like aerobic) is associated with a decreased sympathetic and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal activity. Sympathetic and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal nervous activity is the body system responsible for responding to stress and causing changes in bodily functions due to stress. Doing regular exercise is also the same as training the body to respond to stress better, including responding to body function and physiology changes. If the heart rate becomes faster, muscles tighten, and blood pressure increases, then it can decrease and bring these changes back to normal.

Decrease depressant hormones to the body

When you are stressed, the body will automatically release the hormones cortisol and epinephrine. Both hormones are depressant hormones that can immediately increase energy and blood pressure (especially when the body is under pressure). Cortisol prepares the body to be under stress, as it prepares more power by increasing blood sugar and preventing insulin from converting it to glycogen.

The physiological functions of the body will be disturbed. As a response to withstand the pressure that comes, cortisol and epinephrine will prepare more energy that can be used by the body, by raising blood sugar and stopping insulin from working if this keeps up for a more extended period.

A scientist has said that exercising can help reduce the stress level a lot after doing a lot of studies. Exercising can reduce the hormone’s cortisol and epinephrine and increase the hormone norepinephrine that works as an antidepressant. An investigation got done on 49 women who have stress, and they got told to do exercise continuously for about eight weeks. It showed that the cortisol and epinephrine levels in their urine decreased.

Improve memory

Scientists of the University of California, quoted from Bustle, Wednesday (26/9), moderate exercise has the potential to increase brain connectivity. Moderate exercise always has a positive impact on the brain.

Because it stimulates the release of chemical growth factors in the mind that affect the health of brain cells, it can even grow new blood vessels in the brain.

Research got published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” light exercise for 10 minutes is equivalent to yoga and tai chi activities. “We used very complicatedly similar items to see if they would remember. Let’s say the first picnic basket versus another picnic basket,” said study co-author and neuroscientist Michael Yassa.

Also found, when a person exercised, there was increased communication between the hippocampus. It is an essential area of memory storage. The moderate exercise here is a pure sport like jogging that gets your heart pumping and sweating. But sadly, resistance training, balance, and toning don’t have the same effect.

Stay young

According to experts, exercise is the main requirement for healthy skin. The leather make-up is just an artificial layer. Therefore, healthy skin from within is far more critical.

Apart from increasing blood circulation throughout the body, including vital organs and skin, this blood flow also carries oxygen, which is essential for the skin. This blood flow also helps smooth the flow of toxins and free radicals from accumulating in any part of the body. Well, this is what will make the skin look healthier and fresher.



Prevents Scaly Skin and Eczema

According to experts, exercising can reduce the risk of scaly skin and eczema, which can damage your appearance. Rough skin itself gets caused because the body is dehydrated. Meanwhile, inflammation is a skin disease due to stress. According to experts, regular exercise can reduce the risk of eczema or scaly skin.

Preventing Acne

This skin problem often makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Although it can happen to anyone, the risk of developing acne can get reduced if you are diligent in exercising. The reason is, exercise can make blood circulation smooth so that it can help open pores. As a result, dirt that clogs the skin is easy to clean and keeps you away from acne.

Healthy and not dull

Youthful skin will certainly look healthy and not dull. Well, this sturdy and not dry skin can not only get obtained from treatment alone. Exercise itself can increase the oxygen supply to the surface, so the skin will always be healthier. Besides, the sweat that comes out from practice can clean dirt and skin pores.

Skin Tightening

Exercising with specific exercises that helps you build muscles and lose weight can reduce skin conditions that look saggy. This exercise can reduce the effects of sagging skin and burn fat and calories so that the skin looks firmer.

Besides, some sports focus on one specific area. For example, face yoga exercise is a natural treatment for the skin to keep it tight and fresh. Face yoga itself targets to keep the facial skin layer and fat layer close. Through this exercise, the facial muscles will get lifted and slow down wrinkles and wrinkles.


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